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Software Testing


As technology evolves so does test automation. First good results can be achieved within little time investment. A well designed and properly embedded solution takes some more time and will pay off on the long run. With every deployment your build is directly tested against a growing set of a variety of tests


People know best, how your application performs, works and feels. Automation is fast and easy to scale, but nothing replaces a human eye and mind. Manual Testing is inevitable for every application. Our people use their experience to deliver a precise feedback about your application in the usually short time available.

QA Consulting

A thorough evaluation which are the most important quality criteria for your application, a clear Test Strategy, Simple but effective Processes for Test Plans and Test Levels and a proper Reporting that speaks to the decision taker. The process ingredients for a well working Testing Department. Within QA Consulting we focus not only on establishing these parts but also to build a monitoring on top, that will help you to continuously improve the Testing Processes and to look forward to cope with the challenges of the future together with your people.

Team Enabling

Sometimes all is set up just right, but it does not lift off as expected. Your people know the cause, but they might not be aware of it. With our help we unfold the full potential of your people and help them gaining the awareness of the small details, that make a good team a great team. If needed we have a hand full of small tools and methodologies, that might just close a gap or untie a knot.


Reduced costs

Implementing the right quality assurance process in the SDLC as early as possible, will reduce the cost of the development drastically. ​


Using our services will take your products to an optimal quality.

More Time

You save time AND gain new insights into your application.

Less bugs

Your products will have less bugs and will function as they have been design to. ​

Customer Satisfaction

By improving the user experience you will enjoy increased customer satisfaction of your clients and users.

Easier Growth

It will become easier for your team to develop further your products and add features and enhancements.

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