About us

Meet Zwerit and its people

Established in 2013 by Ernst Zwingli, Zwerit is a company fully dedicated to providing its clients with business-oriented quality assurance and testing processes. The company operates in two main locations - Switzerland and Bulgaria. Our clients are international and the location does not limit us in any way.


Our mission is to provide your clients an amazing experience, so your clients are excited about your services and your clients will recommend you to others.


Our vision is to let quality speak for itself.

Our Values


Regardless big or small, every our action serves bigger purpose – your product to have the best possible quality. 


We are not afraid to experiement and to provide you solutions that no one else will. As well we take full responsibility to provide the very best.

Long-term Vision

We work for our clients in a way that help them grow and we cherish this special relationship. The most important approach for us is the one that makes everyone profit from a healthy collaboration.

The Team

Our team has a wide range of technical expertise. This allows us to approach development projects with an open mind and choose the best tools for each project based on the specific requirements and objectives.(.js, python, JAVA, .Net, and many more).

We are fluent in English, German and Bulgarian.

We are proud to have not only IT knowledge, but also deep sectorial understanding and background in multiple industries.

The Management Core

Ernst Zwingli

Dimitar Hristov

Velina Dragiyska