Join and grow at Zwerit

What we are offering

We know that we work with people, not with machines. We use machines and we are not about to use our people. That is why we try to provide you them with maximum freedom and flexibility of their working routine. 

Once you become part of us, you will enjoy:

Flexible Working Hours – As long as you make your weekly hours, you can make them in the time you want. We know that life is demanding and you need to fit a lot of things in your schedule, so we can provide you with that small freedom – start and finish work when you want. The exception of this rule are the team meetings that happen after mutual agreement of the time achieved by all team members and of course, the client’s meetings. 

Opportunity for part-time engagement – We know that many people try to combine work with their own business or tech projects. And that works for us. We won’t limit you to pursue your passion. It’s part of you. That is why we are not afraid to have 60 or 80 % of your employment time.

Home and remote office – Yes, we used it even before the pandemic. It works perfectly as long as you have a stable internet connection and a comfortable chair at home. You can have a remote office when you want and a remote one can be set after a simple conversation about the terms with us. 

Development – As a proof that we truly believe in people, we also invest in their education – all our employees have dedicated working hours for courses and we sponsor any work-related certification or class our employees are committed to taking.

Meaningful work – Aside from the part that we carefully select our clients and you will be able to see your contribution to the final product, Zwerit is co-founder of Inspire Bulgaria NGO that runs several projects for Bulgarian social and economic environment. So you will be contributing to this as much as you want. 

What we are looking for

Our CEO Ernst Zwingli loves to say that we believe in people. Even though we grow, we tend to think to our colleagues as our closest friends, so we take good care of each other.

If you consider joining us, you must know that for us is very important to hire people who are:

Responsible and mature – We count on each other’s work and have full trust in our people. In order to provide you with the freedom we want, we ask to reach a high level of understanding and mature communication within our team. 

Fluent English speakers – We are speaking 4 non-tech languages in our office and we love playing a lot of games about it. However, English is essential for internal and external communication. 

Tech and science lovers – We adore people who are not afraid to jump in any complex topic, regardless of work purpose or just for fun. It happens often to discuss the string theory during coffee breaks, so please bear with this 😉

Experienced – We would prefer if you have already 2 to 3 years of QA in any field.

ISTQB certified – We would be extremely happy if you have at least one of ISTQB certificates already. If that is not the case, within your first 6 months in the company you would be asked to take the exam. 

German speakers – Just because speaking German shows character 😉

Send us your CV or/and motivational letter. Files allowed are .pdf, .doc and .docx
Maximum file size 2 mb