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We create a tailormade testing process based on your product’s specifications, implementing it in your team’s daily routine and monitor the quality standards.
Many companies do not have experience in the testing processes of their own applications due to lack of skilled testers or simply the development process goes faster than the QA team. The best decision in such a moment is to find a QA company such as ours which can truly help you in the development and the managing of the whole testing process. One of the main benefits for you is that the testing process is under the domain of your company and we monitor its fulfilment.


We provide you with the automation of your tests based on your specific needs and in complete alignment with your software requirements. We freely work with a diverse stack of technologies and we are eager and fast to adapt to your requirements.
Our team is ready to jump in any tech-related challenge and provide you with the best possible solution.

Using automation is extremely important for the SDLC because it increases the efficiency and it reduces expenses related to human errors. It is a fast end simple to be re-executed within the next development cycle and has a wide coverage.

Automated testing is A MUST for each company regardless of the size and type of its software product.


Based on our wide range of knowledge experience and expertise we can provide you with a fast and high-quality exploratory test.
Our company is proud to have experienced testers in diverse business sectors. This combined with our reach tech stack allows us to provide you with truly effective exploratory tests. We believe that testing is not just a mindless search for bugs, but a holistic understanding of the software – not just technical, but also from the view of the final customer. We explore it into dept and apply different approaches so we achieve the best for your product. Exploratory testing is a great way to run the process fast and it’s really flexible so it can cover your current needs.

Design Manual testing

The effective design of the manual tests is a key factor for the success of every application due to its optimal quality, human touch and fast execution.
The informative and reliable test results require good test designs ready for your testers.
You can count on us as professionals to create the perfect manual test case designs that fit your needs and ensure your coverage. Your team will be able to implement it as soon as we present, and you will enjoy more reliability of the application.
During the process we will help you as well with the right tools and gadgets so you keep the testing results in the track.



A thorough evaluation which are the most important quality criteria for your application, a clear Test Strategy, Simple but effective Processes for Test Plans and Test Levels and a proper Reporting that speaks to the decision taker.

The process ingredients for a well working Testing Department. Within QA Consulting we focus not only on establishing these parts but also to build a monitoring on top, that will help you to continuously improve the Testing Processes and to look forward to cope with the challenges of the future together with your people.

QA ON DEMAND/Team Enabling

Sometimes all is set up just right, but it does not lift off as expected. Your people know the cause, but they might not be aware of it.

With our help we unfold the full potential of your people and help them gaining the awareness of the small details, that make a good team a great team.

If needed we have a hand full of small tools and methodologies, that might just close a gap or untie a knot.



Get in touch

Contact us using the form of the site or our social channels.


Meet us

We organize a meeting with you (up to 1 hour or your time) in which you introduce shortly the software in question and your biggest concerns about its quality.



We will execute a short analysis resulting in an offer and already with a small example of a test execution on your system (if possible).



If you decide to let us start for a trial period, you will need to give us the needed system access and from then we start immediately with the probation period of maximum two months.



After two months you re-evaluate our services with us and if you decide to go on with us, we do our best to increase your customers satisfaction in our business partnership.

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